As a learning experience designer in regulatory compliance, I collaborate with stakeholders to codesign learning solutions that transform the customer experience. I was previously the marketing director at a fintech company and its affiliate law firm, where I managed the content strategy, digital marketing strategy, and web design. Before joining the fintech space, I developed print and digital content for various disciplines in higher education.
My work includes short- and long-form writing rooted in generative design research. I design, implement, and test digital experiences that invite community engagement. My research and practice focus on the function of toolkits to empower stakeholders to cocreate accessible and adaptable design solutions. I'm particularly interested in codesign applications in the product development process. My MFA thesis in experience design (Miami University, 2021) examines how people codesign public gathering places as a way of reimagining their communities.
I live with my husband and dogs in Northern Michigan, where I find much of the inspiration for my work.
Karen Mauk

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